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Corporate Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs.


Come Meet & Greet in Social Relaxed Atmosphere.

Networking Nights In Cinti, OH.


Come Meet & Greet in Social Relaxed Atmosphere. 


We look forward to having you attend Networking Nights 

there will be a $5 parking fee for special event parking. 

Networking Nights , professional, exclusive, by invite, events. 


BLAD works countless to educated youth in Butler & Hamilton county communities on the protections & the quality of life within our changing world. Valuing collaboration partnerships to improve community healthcare resources, food & shelter, summertime youth programs, special events thus sharing social services information and ideas. 

Vision: Excellence with Efficiency.

We would love for all professionals & entrepreneurship individuals to attend our networking nights event. This is a FREE Professional event. 

Cash Bar

Free Food.

Networking Nights Event. Sept. 2019

Lounge area.

BLAD has been in existence since 1999. 

Our nonprofit specializes in gifted/talented youth & adults wanting to gain education, professional skill abilities through assessment of both organizational and individual needs addressing gaps through targeted training and Workforce Development. 

Purpose: “to coordinate youth w/collaborating services from businesses to philanthropy. 

The power to perform unique characteristics assisting w/disabilities, from community connections. 

Providing a source through non-profit status to assist. 



email for more info.


Volunteers Are Always Needed. We thank You for your services. Contact Us. We need your help!

Networking Nights Event. Sept. 2019

Come view our awesome social relaxed atmosphere. Make new Friends. 

Bring Your Business Cards. 

Make Good Connections! 

Join Us!   

Free Tickets starting Aug 24, 2019 

Business Casual Dress.

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The GOAL: To be part of Dynamic Business Empowerment Connections for Youth.

Volunteers Are Always Needed. We thank You for your services. Contact Us. We need your help!


Depending upon Sponsorship's and Monetary Donations.  

BLAD will strive to provide a networking event every month.  

About Us

Youth Dreams Come To Reality


Backing Local Artist Dreams KIDS Non Profit Organization

VISION: Youth Involvement / Enrollment in Philanthropy POSITIVE programs yet… becoming professional to get to do what they love to do...SHOWCASE their TALENTS. 

WHO Participate in the Activities?

Anyone and everyone!  BLAD Agency is open to the entire public. We must publicize our events with our locations pursuing ability. The main source of public community communication is where we hold all of our programs. Being a private organization for youth needing positive activity, connections , access to opportunities in urban city areas would be senseless.

BLAD4KIDS now has opportunity to introduce the tri- state Ohio regional communities to new and exciting opportunities working  with local TV media and the entertainment production industry and entrepreneurship. BLAD, with its local entertainment presence, A Non Profit Organization is uniquely equipped to provide a regional cross-cultural perspective thus introduce communities to showcasing their talents. 

Building Community


BLAD Purpose “to coordinate the philanthropy of the musical, the singing artist & coordinated dancing for the gifted talented youth and talent youth adults wanting to gain experience in the entertainment, business corporate, creative arts industry.  " Giving Musicians, Dancers & Singers, Poets, Creative Artists, Corporate Business learning of different ages and walks of life opportunities to meet, work, play music and dance on a regional & local performance platform.   BLAD, with its local entertainment presence, A Non-Profit Organization is uniquely equipped to provide its clients with a regional cross-cultural perspective thus introduce communities of youth and their families truly dedicated to showcasing their talents .  

Our organization descriptions of populations are based on all walks of life including youth with disabilities that are gifted. BLAD has all ethnic’s races thus special disabilities  that participates in all year-round after-school thus summer/ entertainment tour shows throughout the regional tri state areas. Our organization unique characteristics of population e.g., youth that battle everyday peer pressure, issues from seeing individuals that are facing homelessness, youth committing suicide, witnessing people doing yet committing drugs acts on the streets, gangs of violence committing crime that result in death from random school shooting killings in our schools, witness Bullying then beating up innocent Kids who do not want to be in gangs.  

BLAD provide friendly, fun connections of serenity to youth whereas kids feel safe and comforts towards one another.             

BLAD Arts & Culture Programs & Projects


MISSION: being part of the village that helps raises youth". Making entertainment dreams a reality providing a source through non-profit status to assist. BLAD is consistent with its mission and strategic goals. All youth will experience A & R professional philanthropy through musical productions. Summarizing: BLAD capabilities: what keeps our youth off the streets and into a positive world? 

The ability for youth to perform with the utmost pride; the competence in providing top quality instructors with great experience to teach what each youth needs to learn while they earn. The power to perform with or without funding constitutes BLAD pride…which is to press on with the support of the Regional Tri- State Communities to achieve youth academic and safe haven success. BLAD Agency Target Population; Ohio Regional Areas of Butler, Warren, Hamilton. Who benefits from the BLAD Agency Programs?  

The Ohio Regional Community. 

BLAD serves over 1500 youth thru out the Greater Cincinnati Tri-state area. 

Our programs and projects now services age groups of 12-23 years of age to adults in need of business entrepreneurial support and entertainment  industry connections. 

BLAD Events

June 2019 EVENTS

Networking Nights in Cincinnati Ohio

6pm - 10pm

Location: TBA

+ Event Details

June 2019 EVENTS

Networking Nights in Cincinnati Ohio

Networking Upcoming Events,   May


6;00 pm to 10;00 pm.  


This is a BLAD Networking Invitational Event. 

6pm - 10pm

Location: TBA

07/26/2019 thru 07/27/2019

Cincinnati Music Festival Tickets

7pm - 2am

Cincinnati Music Fest. Fri & Sat

+ Event Details

07/26/2019 thru 07/27/2019

Cincinnati Music Festival Tickets

BLAD 1500 members receive  AWESOME discounted ticket prices. I would like to take this time to thank all members that support. Funds raised went to BLAD programs for 2020. All though more funds are in need BLAD will continue to fundraise for the youth to have great positive things in their communities to do. Hope to see all of you again in 2020 at Music Fest. 

My Sincere Thank You's

LEM & Gloria Jenkins, 

Lem Jenkins Remodeling Co. (located on Facebook.)

SANTANGELO Group and their Staff, 

Special shout out to Mr, Joe Santangelo. Joe really cares about local youth . totally with all his heart.  Thank you so much for allowing BLAD to participate we appreciate your wonderful support!

Here are some of the highlights from our member sections

SPECIAL THANKS : National Recording Artist EWF singing B.Davis Whitworth and MAJOR.  Thanks for stopping by to say hello to BLAD members.

7pm - 2am

Cincinnati Music Fest. Fri & Sat

2019 Cincinnati Music Fest Highlights

BLAD sincere Thank You's 

B. David Withworth  vocalist of Earth Wind & Fire/ National recording Artist, Singer MAJOR 

2019 Cincinnati Music Fest BLAD Agency Highlights.

July 26/27 2019. Music Fest Highlights. Thanks Everybody for your awesome support!

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